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Développement d'une application Mobile iOS Androïd

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"We have a project to develop an application compatible Androïd and IOS with the below specificities : - Members management via users profiles - Log in via Facebook, Google + or directly created on the app with an SMS confirmation - Application with the possibility to share informations with all members - Geolocalisation and map - Possibility to interact to the information shared by other users (subscritption, comments, pictures,…) - Possibility to filter the shared information by : Area, age, sexe, and any other cateogry that we will provide at a later stage - 2 Languages - Interactions with facebook, whatsapp, google+ (share information via these applications/invite friends to download the app - App built in a way that it can be evolutive (different countries and different functionnalities) - One condition is that we then are the owners of the code and obviously of the app We will be providing all the different displays and pages of the app as well as the text. With the above information would it be possible to provide us with a quote for the development of the app as well as the management of it and a estimated delivery? If possible we would like to have the quote by mid of next week (Wednesday if possible) ? Could you also please give us some examples of the apps you already created ?
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